How To know if a spirit is attached to You

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How do I know if a spirit is attached to me?

A number of factors can indicate if a spirit has attached itself to you. You might become impulsive, or unexpectedly quick to anger and start doing things out of character. For example... are you drinking more heavily lately? Picking fights? Suddenly lethargic or depressed? Sudden personality or emotional changes might indicate a new attachment. If you are an individual who often seems to attract problems—or suffers from depression or other chronic symptoms—you may harbor a long-term spirit attachment.The following symptoms and issues may be caused or exacerbated when you or someone you know unwittingly attracts a spirit attachment or another type of negative entity:

Emotional Issues:

    •  Excessive Grief     •  Irritability     •  Self-sabotaging behavior     •  Addictions     •  Impulsive/Aggressive behavior     •  Insomnia     •  Phobias     •  Panic attacks     •  Fear     •  Anxiety     •  Depression

Physical Conditions

    •  Fibromyalgia      •  Chronic neck and back pain     •  Sciatica     •  Thyroid condition     •  Digestive disorders: Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)     •  Hormone imbalance     •  Heart disease

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